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Concept Atelier and Fashion Studio with Contemporary Designs and Wearable Pieces to Elevate Your Style

Sashezeino is a concept atelier and fashion studio with a growing collection of hand sketched designs that can be made to order, as well as one-of-a-kind and ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that go beyond a conventional fast-fashion closet. Each unique piece is inspired by the artist’s admiration of nature and world experiences and portraits the balance between individuality, unconventionality, and elegance.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to redefine luxury fashion by harmonizing traditional art with modern aesthetics, while leaving minimal harmful footprint on the planet and its living creatures. Our Vancouver-based brand caters to the bold and artistic, offering artisanal, responsibly made fashion in small batches. With a focus on natural fibers and minimal environmental impact, our designs blend comfort, style, and sustainability. Each piece embodies a story of heritage and innovation, crafted to portrait the balance between individuality and unconventionality. At Sashezeino, wearing our creations is akin to donning art—a celebration of effortless fashion with an artistic touch, and a commitment to responsible luxury. Wear timeless, adorn with uniquity

As part of a lifelong affair with fashion and style, I, Sadaf, launched Sashezeino as a canvas and a creative outlet for everything fashion. Born of Iranian heritage and now calling Canada home, my journey as fashion designer is uniquely enriched by my engineering background, giving me the perspective to craft designs that not only push the boundaries of creativity, but also embrace practicality and functionality. Sashezeino is where tradition meets innovation, embodying my vision of bringing imaginative and functional fashion to life.

My journey into the realm of fashion began before I even mastered the art of reading and writing, with my early years marked by countless hours spent sketching clothing designs. These early explorations laid the groundwork for a vast collection of over a thousand original fashion concepts, many of which were visionary, predating similar ideas in the broader fashion world by years.

Sashezeino is not just a brand; it's a voyage into the essence of beauty and adventure, a journey filled with colors, whimsical designs, and the inherent charm of our world. Each piece I create is a chapter in my ongoing adventure, evolving with me as I traverse the globe and translate my experiences into unique, heartfelt designs and ultimately wearable art. .